Sometimes I really love my job.

I had a last minute booking last night at my favorite hotel in the city. I was mentally preparing myself for a fat, old guy when the door to the suite opened and revealed a very good looking guy in his mid forties. He was well dressed and clearly had money so of course I’m already getting wet by this point. He had a huge dick, even by my standards, and he told me that he was a widower. His wife passed away a year ago after a long battle with breast cancer and he hasn’t been with a woman in over two years. This man was a complete gentleman, great in the sack, full of compliments for me… I ended up going down to the bar with him, having great conversation over some gin and tonics, and then staying the night with him for free just because the sex was great and I genuinely enjoyed being with him. He lives in Austin but promised we would see each other again. I really hope he’s right.
Anyway, great night and another positive escort experience for the books.